As of May 1, 2017, those who are receiving child support in Pennsylvania will be entitled to a raise. The legislature in Pennsylvania determined that additional support was warranted to account for increases in the cost of living throughout the State. The last increase to the Support Guidelines occurred in 2013. The updated Support Guidelines can be found here.

But before you get too excited, the increase may only be slight depending on your income level. In Pennsylvania, child support is determined by a formula using the combined incomes of the parties. So as the incomes go up, so too does the amount of child support. For many couples, the increase might only be in the $20 – $30 per month range, and those in higher income brackets will likely see bigger increases. However, even with a slight increase, it could still be worthwhile looking into modifying your support since that $30 per month over several years can add up.

This increase to child support does not occur automatically. The parent receiving support will either need to request a modification through the court or negotiate a new agreement with the other parent. So you should discuss the specific facts of your case with an experienced family law attorney to see if an increase to your child support is coming your way.

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